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First step to successful weight management - Get your numbers checked 14th July 2018 and get started

Posted by Caroline Masters on

A half hour consultation in the nutrition Clinic at Whelehans Pharmacy will include a body analysis and a guide towards a healthier you with our qualified nutritionist.

You will get your BMI (body mass index), number of calories will be calculated for weight maintenance and for weight loss, body fat percentage, body muscle percentage, visceral fat (weight around your vital organs) and a guide to what you need to do for a healthier you – be it to build muscle, lose weight, reduce body fat or increase your weight.

BMI – body mass index This measurement takes into your account both your height and weight and you get an indication of what your weight should be for good health.

BMI (weight in Kg/height in metres squared)


Less than 18.5


18.5 – 24.9


25 – 29.9


30 – 34.9

Moderately obese

35 – 39.9


More than 40

Extreme obesity


Carrying excess weight puts your body under pressure especially joints and heart.  If you feel you could be healthier with your diet and exercise why not get into a good routine with small sustainable changes which will benefit your health.

Body Fat and Body muscle percentage

As we age we should be reducing our daily calorie intake (50 calories a day for every five years over 30 years of age) i.e. a 30-year-old female should consume 2000 calories a day but a 40-year-old female should consume 1900 calories for weight maintenance.   From the age of 30 we also lose bone density and muscle mass.  It is important to keep active and build muscle to minimise the loss.  The more muscle we have the more calories our body burns so we can help with the aging process.  

A high percentage of fat in the body can cause inflammation and a host of problems – it can affect your heart, lungs and liver.  The weight stored around your vital organs is called visceral fat and needs to be reduced if you find your reading is high.

Make your appointment today to find out more about your body and get guidance towards a healthier you.

Nutritionist Caroline is in Whelehans Pharmacy every Wednesday as well as a dedicated Body Analysis Day on Saturday 14th July 2018. (Saturday clinics for July & August) Call on 086 3994615 or email for further information or to book your appointment.

Half hour consultation with body analysis costs €20

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