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Our nutritionist, Caroline discusses how her bespoke support programme will help you ensure you achieve all you want to from your "New Year, New Me" goals

Posted by Caroline Masters on

Time to make changes in 2019?


We may have good intentions but most of us never actually act on them.  We usually plan that next Monday is going to be the start of a healthier eating and exercise regime but somehow it rarely happens!

We find change hard and we can have bad habits which form part of our every day. Poor nutrition means that we are neglecting our health by having alcohol, fatty foods, sugary treats and processed foods in excess.  It may be time to look at our daily intake of food and be honest with our behaviours as often we can normalise lifestyle choices which are really not healthy and should not be considered normal!

We are faced with food choices every day and we need to get motivated to choose healthier options and understand how these will benefit our bodies and our minds.  We often ignore guidelines and make our own rules and eat what we want, when we want but if we are suffering from more ill health and putting on weight it is time to make changes.

Our bodies were made to move so long periods of sitting require a balance with exercise.  Our muscles and bones benefit from simple movement everyday and we should move when we can.  Balance is essential in life and a balanced diet with unprocessed food containing carbohydrates, protein and good fats along with fruit, vegetables and water is what our bodies need.  We often give our bodies what our head craves and fill it full of processed foods containing little nutrients, high calories, high salt and sugar which causes stress to our digestive system and does not give the energy we need.  It really does not make sense that with all the choices we have we continue to make bad ones!

The nutrition clinic at Whelehans Pharmacy provides a bespoke service in a private and confidential space.  Everyone leads different lives, have different body shapes and nutritional needs so plans have to be individual to ensure success.  Also the changes you make for a healthier you need to be sustainable.  We often restrict many foods for a period of time in an attempt to lose weight  but once we go back to our old habits we quickly fall back to our previous ways and the weight piles back on.   We need to learn about food, triggers and become more mindful of what our bodies need.  

The service at Whelehans is suitable for men, women and children.  In 2019 it is open every Saturday and Wednesday to facilitate weekly meet ups for four week programmes.  If you would like to get into healthier eating habits, lose weight or get nutritional advice to help deal with any conditions you may be suffering from call Caroline on 086 3994615 or email  It is a flexible, affordable service educating, motivating and monitoring.    Sign up for an initial consultation with weekly follow ups and amaze yourself with what you can achieve!

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