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Adrenaline Pen Training

“Do you work in a school or organisation where a pupil or colleague is prescribed an adrenaline pen due to their history of severe allergies or anaphylaxis.

People prescribed adrenaline pens (eg. Epipen®, Anapen®, Jext®) are trained how to use them; however there are occasions when a teacher/colleague may have to administer the adrenaline pen (eg. Person becomes unconscious).

Pharmacist Eamonn Brady MPSI can call to your premises and give teachers / staff a demonstration on how to administer safely. This is a free service and takes less than half an hour. Call Whelehans Pharmacy at 04493 34591 to arrange for our pharmacist to call out to demonstrate safe administration of adrenaline pens.”

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Eamonn can call to undertake training at a time that suits you and there is no charge for this training. Call Whelehans at 04493 34591 to arrange for Eamonn to call out”