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Personal Health Checks


24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring                                          

A 24 hour blood pressure monitor provides a more accurate measure of blood pressure than a single measurement. It shows how your blood pressure changes throughout the day and more importantly at night. It helps your doctor and pharmacist ensure your blood pressure is under control. If you are already taking blood pressure medication, our 24 blood pressure monitor will show if you are getting the full benefit of the blood pressure medication you must take.  Contact Whelehans Pharmacy today at 04493 34591 to arrange getting your 24 hour blood pressure checked, it could save your life.

Whelehans 24 hour Blood Pressure service costs €50. We simply fit the monitor in the morning, you wear it for 24 hours and when you come back the next morning we will have your results.









Benefit from our Heart Screening Service or professional advice on weight loss through our unique, successful, in house results driven programme. Our heart screening service will only take a few minutes. We will check you for:

  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index
  • Percentage risk of heart disease?


Free Diabetes Check

 Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It is now reaching epidemic proportions mainly due to our increasing sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Whelehans can check your blood sugar level with a simple finger prick test. It only takes a minute to check your blood sugar with us so call in today. It is free of charge.


Iron (Haemoglobin)

Our haemoglobin check is a 2 minute haemoglobin test. If you are constantly feeling tired or lethargic, it could be due to low haemoglobin levels. Call in to us any time and we will check your haemoglobin immediately without the need for an appointment. Our test is only €5. If haemoglobin is low, it is easily treated so we will advise what to do.