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1st Contact Physio at Whelehans

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Kevin D’Arcy BSc (Hons) Physio MISCP CORU

Chartered Physiotherapist

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1st Contact Physio is now available to book:

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Call Kevin:-  0873813473


      In line with their vision to offer as wide a range of quality health services to the local community as possible, Whelehans Pharmacy are delighted to announce their new Physiotherapy service, 1st Contact Physio. operated by fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist, Kevin D’Arcy. MISCP CORU

 Located in the our private consultation suite, upstairs at Whelehans, 1st Contact Physio will offer an extensive range of physio services covering every type of need.

Check our FAQ's for range of treatments and common questions

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disease. Physiotherapy is a science based service centred mainly on the use of physical means in the treatment and management of injuries, illnesses and disability

Whether you have picked up a small knock due to a sports injury or have a long standing problem that is affecting your movement, physiotherapy can help you. Chartered physiotherapists have specialist skills in identifying and managing muscle and joint pain while also having specific training in rehabilitation and injury recovery. 

Most of us develop aches and pains throughout life. If they are worrying or concerning in any way it is always best to get them checked out.


What happens at a physiotherapy appointment?

Following completion of a registration and consent form, Physio Kevin will ask you some questions regarding your general health, occupation and hobbies and specific questions relating to your symptoms and how they affect your activities of daily living.

Once completed, he will then conduct a physical assessment and make a diagnosis. This will then form the basis of a your personalised treatment programme.  Appointments are between 30 and 45 minutes depending on your treatment programme and condition.

Physiotherapy is €60 for initial session and €50 for follow up sessions

Kevin offers reduced physiotherapy rates for Medical Card holders, children and sports clubs - for details contact directly by email or phone.

1st Contact Physio is now available to book:- 

Book Physio Consultation 

Call Kevin:-  0873813473