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Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal at Whelehans

How does it work?

The first step is to book an appointment for an ear health assessment with our trained specialist

How much does it cost?

The cost of this assessment consultation is €20, payable on booking. 

If the assessment shows there is no wax to be removed, then there is no further charge 

If however, as a result of the assessment, ear wax has to be removed, your €20 will then be taken from the cost of the removal process itself which is currently €50 for one ear or €75 for both ears.


Following the assessment wax to removed from 

Both ears then €55 will be payable on the day (€75 - €20 already paid) 

For one ear, the cost is €30 (€50 - €20 already paid)


What can I expect during my wax removal assessment?
  • Your ear health assessment with wax removal will usually take around 30 minutes
  • To ensure you get the most benefit from your consultation, our specialist will ask some general health questions along with more specific questions relating to your ear health
  • Using an otoscope (a magnification tool with a light), our specialist will examine your ears.
  • Following this examination, if there is wax to be removed, our specialist will discuss the microsuction wax removal procedure to make sure you’re happy to proceed. Prior to any wax removal we will ask you to sign a consent form.
  • Using the industry leading Tympa wax removal microsuction equipment, the specialist will gently remove any wax from your ear(s).
    • Unlike older methods of wax removal which involved a syringe and water injected into the ear canal under pressure, microsuction is a “dry” procedure using a small suction tube to remove the wax. Whilst the process is generally painless, you might feel some discomfort.
  • Once completed, our specialist will check the ears again, with the information recorded and stored securely for future reference.