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What’s so super about Superfoods? Part 2

Posted by Aisling Murray on

What’s so super about Superfoods? Part 2

This is a continuation of my article last week on superfoods

Foods which claim to be superfoods?


Blueberries are one of the most talked about superfoods. Scientists have always been curious about the health benefits blueberries possess. Blueberries have a high concentration of antioxidants. One of these antioxidants called anthocyanins, have been reported to inhibit the growth of cancerous human colon cells, as well as kill them off. Blueberries also contain Vitamin C and potassium and have anti-inflammatory properties.


Omega 3-Rich Fish

Omega 3 is very topical in the media due to its ability to lower risk of heart disease, help circulation and reduce inflammation. It has now come to light that Omega – 3 may help fight depression but this is when taken in a high strength supplement. In Whelehans we provide a supplement called Plus EPA which is one of the highest strength omega-3 supplements on the market. For all these reasons it’s no surprise that Salmon (wild), which is high in Omega – 3, has been given a “superfood” status. 



Broccoli is another well-known superfood; it is possibly one of the first foods people associate with the term “superfood”. There have been studies conducted to suggest that eating broccoli can decrease the likelihood of a number of diseases ranging from Cancer, High blood pressure, Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes. A study performed on individuals consuming large quantities of broccoli resulted in a reduction of overall cholesterol level and a reduction in triglycerides, both of which can cause cardiovascular disease.


The bottom line

The claim that certain foods have increased health benefits when consumed is a very attractive idea. As we have seen, there is some scientific evidence which demonstrates the nutrients in particular foods can be highly beneficial for you. However like previously discussed, it is not nutritious enough to limit your diet to a few “super” foods. You will not benefit health wise unless you consume a balanced diet containing all your major food groups.


The importance of a balanced, healthy diet

There is evidence “superfoods” are beneficial; for example, broccoli eaten in high doses helped lower cholesterol in one study. However this was an isolated test and the results do not reflect the everyday person as people normally consume combinations of food. Be clever about the choices you make when it comes to food, eat alot of fruit and vegetables as they contain the bulk of your essential nutrients and help fight diseases and infections. Increasing the range of nutrients we consume is recommended instead of focusing on a group of foods which are said to be “super”. It’s always attractive to hear that certain foods will “fix” your medical problem but that fact is, no one food has the power to do that. If you wish to lose weight, reduce cholesterol, or increase your overall health; opt for a more balanced diet.


Whelehans Nutrition Service

Whelehans nutritional service is a private one to one advice service with our nutritionist Aisling Murray. Aisling’s areas of interest include weight loss management, nutrition education and food intolerance. Our nutrition service offers you the chance to change your life in a positive way by focusing on your overall wellbeing as well as the chance to follow up on your progress.


Aisling Murray has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and offers a one to one specialist nutrition service at Whelehans Pharmacy. Call Whelehans at 04493 34591 for an appointment. Aisling’s Nutriton Clinic costs only €10 per week.

This article is shortened to fit within newspaper space limits. More detailed information and leaflets are available in Whelehans.

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