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New Extended Nutrition Clinic launches at Whelehans Pharmacy

Posted by Eamonn Brady on

with Caroline Masters Nutritional Therapist (specialising in weight loss & nutrition advice)

At Whelehan’s Nutrition we are excited to inform you that we are expanding our excellent nutrition service to include more professional services such as food intolerance checks, heart checks (eg. Cholesterol, BP, diabetes, haemoglobin checks) as well as our great results focused nutrition advice.

Leading our new enhanced service is nutritionist Caroline Masters, who tells us a bit about herself and her nutrition philosophy in her own words…..

Introducing Caroline, our nutritionist.

When I left AIB Bank, Mullingar in 2012; I commenced training immediately to become a Nutritional Therapist studying anatomy, physiology and pathology. Following success in achieving my Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, this was quickly followed by a further qualification in sports nutrition. I always had a huge interest in this subject and I am passionate to share how simple changes to daily diet and exercise can have such a major impact on well-being, weight management and energy levels across a wide spectrum of people, irrespective of their situation.


Starting with a clinic in my home town of Ballymahon in January 2015, I launched my own nutrition programme specialising in weight loss and in easing a range of conditions through helping clients make better food choices and identifying food intolerances.  From the outset, clients benefit from my detailed Personal Initial Consultation and those that progressed through my 6 week programme have had great success. Continued monitoring has ensured that the positive changes have become embedded…..with the good habits now being “the routine”.

If I can do it – so can you!

In January 2014, even though I thought I was ‘healthy’, I realised through putting into practice my learning, I could be doing a lot better!!  I changed my diet, addressing those bad habits I had acquired over the years and with healthier food choices and increased regular exercise I lost weight steadily each week totalling 35lb in 20 weeks. I felt so much better and can honestly say I was never hungry.

A good routine is key to success along with being organised and keeping food choices simple.  As I have lost weight myself and because I had such a ‘sweet tooth’, I can relate to my clients struggles to break bad habits and make changes to their daily routine, that stick.  It is small sustainable changes that will make the long term difference and consistency is key. 

What is different about Whelehans newly expanded Nutrition Clinic?

There are many weight loss clubs around these days, however these are mostly group centred and not tailored to individual needs.  The clinic at Whelehans is a private space where we will meet weekly, one to one to discuss your individual needs and make a plan for a healthier you.  You will be educated, motivated and monitored.  It is a friendly, affordable, flexible service suitable for men, women and children.

How does the clinic work?

  • Initial full consultation – we will discuss your daily routine and an individual personalised plan will be put in place

Body analysis assessed, BMI and BMR calculated, blood pressure and blood glucose checked and waist measurement taken at this time

Initial Full consultation

Duration – approx. one hour

Cost - €40


  • Weekly follow up consultation for six week programme when we will cover topics relevant to each individual such as calories, snacks, sugar, fats, food labelling, portion size, digestive system and conditions


Six week programme

Duration – half hour

Cost - €20 per week

or €15 per week if you pay six weeks in advance


  • Weekly monitoring takes place thereafter for 15 minutes costing €10 per week

Once you have reached a healthier weight you can check in with me once a month for further weight management maintenance advice.

Additional Services

Whelehans Nutrition Service will offer its clients affordable additional health checks such a food intolerance checks, cholesterol checks, haemoglobin checks and much more


For further information on our programme, call/text Caroline on 086-3994615 or email  or contact Whelehans Pharmacy on 044 9334591

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