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Nutrition Clinic at Whelehans

Posted by Caroline Masters on

Helen reached her goal!

With Caroline Masters at the Nutrition Clinic, Whelehans Pharmacy

The nutrition clinic at Whelehans is a bespoke service geared for each individual and their personal challenges with losing weight and eating more healthily.  It is a friendly, flexible and affordable service tailored to suit each member so that they can achieve their goals. Caroline Masters is a qualified nutritional therapist who is on hand to help with all aspects of weight loss working with each individual advising, educating, monitoring and motivating so that they will be successful.  Many who have been unsuccessful before have been delighted with their achievements with this programme.

Helen from Mullingar shares her experience with us and she tells us in her own words:

I had tried other slimming groups and although I did lose weight it always went back on.  This was very different to anything I did before because it focussed on healthy eating.  There were no gimmicks and I looked at better food choices to fuel my body and also looked at portion size and calorie control.   I also addressed my bad habits and tried to improve them and put thought into my food choices. Once I focussed on mindful eating I felt I had choices and after the first week I never felt deprived or hungry

I did the initial consultation with Caroline and it was a very pleasant experience.  Caroline was very friendly and very positive.  I knew after the first meeting I would return and that I would like working with Caroline.  My weight, BMI and waist measurement were taken and also a body analysis was done which gave a reading for visceral fat, body fat and muscle. We discussed my daily routine and then Caroline went through a plan for each meal with examples from the different food groups.  I then had six follow up visits where I was weighed and each half hour visit focussed on a different topic such as food labels, healthy snacks and eating out.  The previous week was also discussed and any challenges were addressed and positives acknowledged.

I was delighted with the progress I made while attending the clinic and with education and motivation I felt that I could achieve my weight loss goal.  Even over the Christmas period I managed to maintain my weight. I planned to lose 12 pounds so that my BMI would be in the healthy range and I succeeded in achieving a weight loss of 16 pounds which I was delighted with. 

I have maintained my weight loss and I am confident that I will continue to do so.  I have the option of checking in with Caroline in Whelehans each month for continued monitoring which is an excellent back up to have.  I would definitely recommend the service Caroline provides and some of my friends now attend the clinic because of my recommendation.

The time to get healthier is now.  If you would like to start your weight loss journey or simply learn about better food choices which may help with conditions you may be suffering from call Whelehans Pharmacy on 044 9334591 or contact Caroline Masters directly on 086 3994615 or email

Caroline is also qualified in sports nutrition and is working with Maurice Looby fitness as part of the 6 week HELP programme and everyone participating is having huge success. Call Maurice Looby Fitness on 087 2308001 for more details.

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