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The time to get healthier is now!

Posted by Caroline Masters on


What are you waiting for ? The time to get healthier is now!

With Nutritional Therapist, Caroline Masters, Nutrition Clinic at Whelehans Pharmacy

We are always waiting to get healthier – talking about starting next Monday, next month or next Year and this time never comes!  We are faced with food choices every day and we have many chances to move more and exercise every day.  With a little effort and thought we could make healthier choices and make the most of every opportunity we get to move.

Once you start putting conscious thought into the food you are eating and start to move more you will see benefits to your health with every improvement you make.  You should never feel that your journey is too far as each step in the right direction will lead to your goals no matter where you are starting from.  In the Nutrition Clinic at Whelehans we provide one to one consultations where we meet privately each week to motivate you and monitor your progress.  Everyone’s journey is different and we all have different commitments and challenges and we can work together so that you are successful.  You can lose weight without feeling hungry as I will help you with better food choices for energy and nutrition.

Exercise is vital for good health – we start to lose muscle tone and bone density from the age of 30 so it is imperative that we look after our bones and muscles for long term mobility and good health.  It is important to start slowly and build up your fitness at a realistic and sustainable pace for you.  You can then progress your level of fitness in a healthy way.  It is important to get advice when starting a healthy eating plan or new exercise regime and never do anything shocking to your body as you may do damage.   If you are serious about getting healthier it makes sense to take things slowly and build up your exercise regime and also learn more about food and your body as good nutrition is vital to get the best results from your exercise.

If you have decided that 2017 is the year to stop the talking and start doing contact the Nutrition Clinic at Whlehans for a full consultation and a plan for you.   We will look at your daily routine, your habits, daily challenges and work out how you can be healthier in a realistic and sustainable way.  Call me on 086-3994615 to take your first step to a healthier you or for more information. You can also email me at or call Whelehans Pharmacy, Pearse Street on 044 9334591.


Maurice Looby Fitness have launched a new comprehensive weight loss programme in association with Whelehans Pharmacy/Nutrition Clinic called HELP – HEATHY EATING & LIFESTYLE PROGRAMME and it starts 9th January 2017 and is outstanding value at €210.

This excellent 6 week package offers a full one to one initial consultation with nutritionist including a body analysis and an achievable plan specific to you followed by weekly one to one meetings.   You will get a training plan also specific to you and the level you are at and unlimited classes with Maurice Looby fitness.  There are also additional benefits when you sign up i.e fitness testing and food intolerance testing at reduced rates.

If you are interested in signing up for HELP with Maurice Looby Fitness in association with Whelehans Pharmacy call 087 2308001 or apply online at today or drop in to Whelehans Pharmacy for an application form. 

New extended Whelehans nutrition service is a friendly, flexible and affordable service offering one to one consultations with follow up programmes and weekly monitoring.   Suitable for men, women and children.  

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