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Back to basics when making your daily food choices

Posted by Caroline Masters on

With Caroline Masters, Nutritional Therapist at Whelehans Pharmacy


When it comes to food choices we are often swayed by others, laziness, affordability, advertising, habits or simply lack of thought.  It is so important to start making better choices to ensure we are getting the nutrition our bodies require so that we remain healthy.  If we make healthier choices and increase our exercise we will definitely benefit from this change.  It is amazing how our bodies reacts so positively when we eat natural foods, drink water regularly and watch our sugar and saturated fat intake. 


Our internal processes such as our digestive, nervous, circulatory, muscular and endocrine systems require an adequate amount of energy each day to work efficiently and we must provide this energy by way of our food intake.   The energy in our food is measured in kilocalories and by eating the amount our bodies require  (known as BMR basal metabolic rate) we will maintain our present weight.  The amount of calories required depends on factors such as age, gender and present weight.  If clothes are getting tighter and weight is creeping on we are overeating i.e eating more than our body requires and the excess calories are being stored as fat.  We need to reduce our energy intake and often it is the high sugar and fatty foods that have a high calorie content and little nutrition that can be reduced to make this positive change.


Take a minute to reflect on what you consumed yesterday.  If you are unable to recall your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks you may have lost track and need to get into a better routine.   I now ask you the following questions and see how many you can confidently say ‘yes’ to:


  • Did you get nutrition from your food and are you happy with your choices?
  • Did you eat a variety of food including at least 5 portions of fruit & vegetables?
  • Did you get adequate protein, carbohydrates, fat and limit saturated fat?
  • Did you snack healthily avoiding excess sugar in your diet?
  • Did you drink at least one litre of water?
  • Did you eat slowly and chew your food well?
  • Did you exercise today?


How did you do?  Try to make changes starting today so that you can say yes to all of the questions asked as a start to a healthier you making more conscious food choices.


It is wise to eat everything in moderation and it is when we are excessive with one or more food groups that we can cause problems for ourselves and lead to weight gain.  At the nutrition clinic at Whelehans I will go through your daily routine and food choices during the initial consultation and see how you can make healthier options that will benefit your well-being, energy levels and ensure satiety.  At this time we will also go through your energy requirements for weight loss and weight maintenance so that you have a clear picture of what you need to do for success.  Every small change to your food choices and increase in exercise will lead to big results.


Talking about making changes will not get results and there are no quick fixes for weight loss and changes for long term health.  Contact me, Caroline Masters, on 086 3994615 to take your first step to a healthier you or you can email me at or call Whelehans Pharmacy on 044 9334591.


One to one private consultations.  Friendly, affordable, flexible service. Suitable for men, women and children.


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