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Always see the bigger picture when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating.

Posted by Caroline Masters on

With Caroline Masters, Nutritional Therapist, Whelehans Pharmacy, Pearse Street.

 When it comes to our health we have to see the long term goals at all times.  Everyone is looking for a short term fix but for sustainable change it is better to put in a bit of time and effort.  You need to look at your present eating habits and routine and see where you can make changes.  You always have a choice when it comes to your meals so better food choices with good nutrition and lower calories is preferable for weight loss.  Education is needed – know your food labels so that you can be sure of what’s in your food especially sugar and saturated fat content and it is good to be calorie aware.

There are many short term solutions and many people join a slimming group for a number of weeks.  This is a start but is often a short term solution perhaps wanting to lose weight for a wedding or other occasion.    If we want to get healthier by losing weight or by taking more exercise our ultimate goal should be to help our bodies work more efficiently.  We should be mindful of our hearts, lungs and all vital organs and take a real interest in fighting disease and easing conditions.  Of course, we all like to look better but feeling more energised and continued mobility and flexibility is what we all should strive for.

Your BMI is a weight for height ratio and of course it doesn’t take in body composition.  Someone may weigh quite heavy but look a healthy weight.  They may contain a high muscle percentage and muscle is much more compact than adipose (fat) tissue.  I would suggest that anyone whose BMI is over 35 should make it their priority to lose weight to initially get it under 35 and then work towards getting it under 30.  Although a BMI of 26 to 30 is ‘overweight’ it is quite a healthy place to be so don’t stress on the ‘normal’ range of 20 – 25 and feel it is out of reach – any step in the right direction will help with your health.

A one size fits all approach with slimming groups has less than a 2% success rate with long term weight loss.  The unique one to one service that I provide In Whelehans Pharmacy allows me to get to know the individual and what will help them to reach their goals.  It is a private space where I can help with education, motivation and monitoring and has proved very successful. 

If you have thought about making some changes towards a healthier you why not get your body composition checked at a discounted cost of €10.  On Saturday 28th October you can book in for a fifteen minute check with me to find out your BMI, body muscle and fat composition along with your visceral fat (fat around vital organs) and your BMR  (number of calories required by you for weight maintenance and then we can work out requirement for weight loss)

Call Whelehans on 044 9334591 or call me direct on 086 3994615 or email me at  to make your appointment.

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