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Food for thought

Posted by Caroline Masters on

With Caroline Masters, Nutritional Therapist, Whelehans Pharmacy

Every day we are faced with food choices and we have the responsibility to make the best ones for us.  Often time or cost can dictate our decisions but lack of thought and bad habits influence them also.  There are guidelines as to what we should eat and drink along with recommendations for exercise.  However, many of us put little thought into our choices and eat what we want, when we want which can lead to over eating;  another issue is that we do not move enough – we choose to ignore the recommendations!

We are meant to eat!

We must eat breakfast each morning to help boost our metabolism and get our day off to a good start.  I often hear people say that they do not have time but we must make the time and prioritising our meals with good food is crucial for good health.  Your choice of breakfast should be one that will keep you full till lunch time.  Porridge or Weetabix is a good choice as they are both low sugar, low fat, low calorie and full of slow releasing energy and relatively cheap.  Regular eating is very important and we should not have long periods of fasting as our bodies require food and water throughout the day. 

Plan your meals and get into a good routine.

Eat a lunch and dinner that contains good nutrition – make sure you have salad or vegetables, protein (i.e. meat, fish, eggs) and carbohydrates (i.e. potatoes, bread, rice) at each meal and limit saturated fat.  When you eat a variety of foods you give yourself the best chance of getting all that your body requires.  Snack on fruit and yoghurt, keep it simple and you will get your vitamins and minerals also.

Eating natural, unprocessed food is better for our bodies as they contain their own enzymes and are easier to digest and provides good nutrition.  If you are regularly eating convenience food and processed food you are not making the best choice available to you.  Eating this type of food once in a while should not cause problems but if you are not getting all that your body requires it will cause problems down the line.  Short term unhealthy fixes are not beneficial for our long term good health.  Food is so important for the efficient working of our bodies, our mood, well-being and keeping ourselves healthy and ‘balanced’.  If we eat foods  in excess we may be interfering with the absorption of many vitamins and minerals so moderation is key.

Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for ongoing good health

Excess weight can cause a host of problems and put stress on our bodies especially on our joints and vital organs.  Every pound weight loss is a step to better health.  In the nutrition clinic at Whelehans you will learn how simple changes to your daily routine will benefit you. You will be surprised how quickly you feel the benefits of positive change in your life. 

Call me, Caroline Masters, on 086 3994615 as the time for doing is now with motivation and education.    I can help you to lose weight steadily without feeling hungry with better food choices and increased exercise.    It is a relaxed, private space where we can work together for a healthier and happier you. 

You can also call Whelehans Pharmacy on 044 9334591 or email to make your  appointment.  The sooner you start the sooner you will reach your goals.

The nutrition clinic at Whelehans provides a friendly, affordable, flexible service suitable for men, women and children.

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