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Keep your "Healthier You" New Year goals on track with this essential healthy eating plan from our nutritionist Caroline

Posted by Caroline Masters on

Healthy Eating plans for the New Year?

Small changes will lead to a healthier you.

With Caroline Masters, Nutritionist

Whelehans Pharmacy, Pearse Street, Mullingar


New Year is a time when we give a thought to our habits and lifestyle and perhaps decide a few changes would benefit our health and well-being.  All changes should be sustainable and the reason for change should be for you.  It is your health that should be your priority and we should all become more mindful of our food choices and feeding ourselves with what our bodies require not with what our head or mind dictates!  Exercise should be a part of our daily routine and its importance for our bones, muscles, mobility, flexibility and mental health should be our motivation.

The following are a few suggestions for a healthier you in 2019:

  • Reduce refined sugar in your diet. Sugar contains empty calories and provides the body with no nutrition but causes an imbalance to our blood and stresses our pancreas.  You don’t have to go looking into labels for hidden sugars but reduce the obvious sugar we are consuming.  The recommended daily allowance for sugar is 6 teaspoons (24g).  Have sugar free days!!
  • Watch your alcohol consumption. Alcohol contains high calories and no nutrition (1g alcohol has 7 calories)  It is important to consider our liver if we drink regularly and give it time to detox and have alcohol free days.  Recommended weekly units for good health are 17 units for men and 11 units for women.  If a bottle of wine contains 9 units can you honestly say your drinking is within healthy limits?
  • Limit your intake of processed food – food in its natural state should be eaten when possible. Food in this state are low calorie, contain their own enzymes which aids digestion and have no food labels that need to be checked!
  • Increase fruit, salad and vegetables. Ten portions are recommended – try to eat at least five portions  to get your daily vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system.
  • Increase your water intake to 2 litres a day. Perhaps decrease your tea and coffee intake and drink herbal teas.  Water should be your first choice of drink.
  • Exercise every day. Our bodies were made to move so try to walk everyday or sign up for a regular class.  If you are sitting for hours during the day at work you have got to move in your own time!  Prioritise exercise everyday.

If you would like advice on healthy eating, weight loss or advice to help ease symptoms you may be suffering from contact Caroline at Whelehans Nutrition Clinic on 086 3994615 or email to make an appointment.  Clinic is now opened Saturdays.

Perhaps you would like to make a start by getting to know your numbers.  Make an appointment to find out your body composition - body fat, muscle, visceral fat and BMI and have your questions answered.  Half hour appointment €20.

Friendly, affordable, flexible service suitable for men, women and children.  

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