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Why do we crave unhealthy food? Part Two

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This is a continuation of last week’s discussion on why we crave unhealthy food.

  1. Treat yourself the heathy way

Treats do not have to be unhealthy when there are many healthy foods that can be eaten instead, for example, frozen berries and natural yoghurt make a great dessert. Fruit is a great way to get a sugar hit without being unhealthy. If you do want to have chocolate or crisps try not to over eat them moderation is the key.


  1. Know your trigger food

Everyone has one food that they can’t live without; crisps, chocolate and buns. The issue with giving into temptation is the inability to stop. These foods are designed to be moreish and some of us never know when enough is enough. Portions are always important when it comes to trigger foods. If you want a slice of pizza or cake have it, but don’t overindulge when you do or eat them on a regular basis.


  1. Keep healthy foods within reach

Out of sight is indeed out of mind. Keep healthy food in front of you; in the centre of the fridge, in your bag or in your car. By doing this you will remember to eat it. Chopping up veg and fruit make them more manageable and you are more inclined to snack on it throughout the day.


  1. Don’t lie to yourself

When events come up like weddings or parties the worst thing you can do is lie to yourself about eating habits, “another piece of cake won’t hurt this once”, this is only ok if it’s true. However, if you ‘treat’ yourself all the time weight gain is inevitable. When we go up a pound we justify it by saying “I had a stressful week” but time ticks on as we make excuses. Life happens but making time to exercise and improve your diet should be a priority. Admit you have larger portions than you should or make time to go shopping for nutritious foods. Be honest with yourself.


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