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New Year New You

Posted by Aisling Murray on

Christmas may be over but the left overs may still be lurking around the house; there is no time like the present to ditch the Christmas snacks and opt for a heathy way of eating.



Nuts are full of vitamin E and monounsaturated fats and are a great snack. However, they are incredibly high in calories; 40 peanuts have over 170kcals.


Cheese board

Cheese contains huge amounts of saturated fat and calories. A matchbox size (30g) of cheddar or stilton can contain over 120Kcal.



Alcohol contains hundreds of hidden calories.

Beer: A pint of beer or lager can contain as much 250kcal and a bottle of beer like Corona, Heineken or Budweiser can have 150Kcals per bottle.

Mulled wine: A medium glass of mulled wine or white wine can have as much as 250kcal.


The tin of roses

Cadbury’s Roses are in almost every household over Christmas but each sweet can contain 48Kcal. Think of it this way, 5 sweets (which many of us would scoff down without even thinking) can be almost 250kcal; that is not to even mention the huge quantities of sugar present in each sweet.



Pringles contain 963Kcal per tub and a staggering 59g of fat. A 45g Bag of Hunky Dory crisps contain 237Kcal and 14.3g of fat, and Tayto cheese and onion crisps contain 197Kcal and 12.7g of fat per 37g bag. It’s a good idea to limit the amount of crisps you consume, only have a bag very now and again.


Have you over indulged over Christmas?

It’s usually around this time of the year we make the decision to lose weight after possible weight gain from Christmas. Some of us don’t know where and when to start. I always suggest getting help with your weight loss by visiting a nutritionist as they offer accurate and impartial and balanced weight loss advice. To lose weight effectively there is no special potion you can take; losing weight requires determination and will power. I offer weight loss advice that is easy to follow and all ingredients in your meals can be bought in the local supermarket.  I monitor weight loss in a one to one consultation and steer clients in the right direction when it comes to weight loss.


One issue most of my clients have had in the past with previous weight loss methods was the lack of treat food they could consume. I always suggest to my clients to eat everything in moderation and watch your portions. All this advice is covered in my clinic. I find that over time most of my clients lose interest in eating sweet foods and as unbelievable as it may seem, many stop eating them altogether. This is not something I recommend to them but an action they take upon themselves. My weekly weight loss plans cost only €10 per week. So when do you start losing weight? No time like the present I say



Weekly weigh in clinic

Currently I am offering a weight loss program where your BMI and waist measurement is calculated and I check your weight weekly. You get tips and motivation weekly to help you lose weight all at a great weekly rate of €10 per week.


Whelehans Nutrition Service

Whelehans nutritional service is a private one to one advice service with our nutritionist Aisling Murray. Aisling’s areas of interest include weight loss management, nutrition education and food intolerance. Our nutrition service offers you the chance to change your life in a positive way by focusing on your overall wellbeing as well as the chance to follow up on your progress.


Aisling Murray has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and offers a one to one specialist nutrition service at Whelehans Pharmacy. Call Whelehans at 04493 34591 for an appointment. E-mail questions to

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