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Are you a sugar addict? Part 2

Posted by Aisling Murray on

Last week we looked at why we crave sugar and provided some tips on curbing sugar addiction, this week we discuss some more helpful ideas.


  1. Eat little and often – If you wait too long between meals you may get very hungry and blood sugar levels can plummet. Letting this happen can mean you are more inclined to eat sugary, fatty foods just to satisfy your hunger, which can lead to 2-3 binges a day. Try to eat little meals or snacks throughout the day and don’t let yourself get hungry. Studies show that stable blood sugars help to avoid irrational eating behaviours. At meal time try and include whole grains and lean protein as these will keep your blood sugars stable, keeping you fuller for longer.


  1. Grab some fruit – This is one of the first recommendations I make to someone struggling with a sugar addiction. Fruit contains natural sugar (fructose) and can be just what you need for a boost of sugar, whilst also containing nutrients, fibre and antioxidants. Other good natural alternatives are; dried fruit, nuts and seeds.


  1. Make sugar choices healthier – You can still enjoy sugar but in a healthier way. If you have a craving try combining it with other foods to make it healthier. Pour melted chocolate over mixed berries and add some crushed nuts to add texture and additional nutrients. This will give you a little fix of sugar yet makes it a bit healthier.


  1. Artificial sugars can cause more harm than good – Many people now choose artificial sugars but they are incredibly sweet and only a fraction less than real sugar. As we are not getting the calories, our bodies feel deprived which results in binging on other sugary foods by enhancing the craving. Sometimes a little sugar is a better option.


In the end, only you know your own body so find out what works best for you and stick with it. Sugar should not be a thing of the past, if you want something sweet - have it. Life is for enjoying food… Just don’t over indulge!


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