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Makeup tools 101

Posted by Aisling Murray on

 Applying makeup can be made much easier if you know the best tools to use. Everyone’s techniques are different and some tools work better than others for us makeup lovers. The makeup tools I use depend on the occasion, the finish and the look I’m going for. These are the tools I find which work best for me.


The most inexpensive and easily accessible tool we have is our fingers. I use my finger to apply my makeup primers on my face and eyelids as it’s easy and I don’t have brushes to clean after. Fingers can also be great at applying tined moisturiser or BB (beauty balms) creams. I don’t recommend applying foundation or eyeshadow with your fingers as it can be messy and leave streak marks. Also your fingers don’t blend as well as a brush and can look very harsh especially when it comes to shadow.


There are so many different types of brushes and knowing what types to use can be difficult.The Royal and Langnickle® brush sets sold in whelehans are vegan friendly and work so well at applying face and eye makeup. They start at €29 for a 9 Piece brush set and are the best brushes for beginners or someone expanding their brush collection. The other brush I have been reaching for alot lately is the O! Wow® Brush from Cailyn Cosmetics. This brush is remarkable and has changed the way I apply foundation as it applies an even full coverage of foundation, avoiding streaks as it has thousands of densely packed bristles.  Using a brush can take your makeup up a level as they provide ease of blending, an even application and give you a more polished look. Check out our €5 off voucher for the O! Wow® Brush next to this column.


Makeup sponges were one of the first makeup tools I ever used. I still use sponges to apply my foundation and concealer. I use a beauty sponge which comes in the shape of an egg, available in three colours from Whelehans. To use, soak them in water and ring them out as they work best when damp.  Avoid dragging your foundation over the face; instead bounce the sponge, this will provide an airbrushed foundation application. The way the sponges are designed means you can easily apply foundation over all the contours of the face.  

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By Aisling Murray, Beauty Consultant at Whelehans Pharmacy Mullingar. For skincare and makeup tips and advice including free consultations, call in to Whelehans or call us at 04493 34591 or check or Whelehans on Facebook


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