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We all know how important it is to care for our skin but with so many products and treatments available, it’s hard to know what we should and shouldn’t be doing. The most important step to skincare is identifying what type of skin you have. Do you have dry, oily or combination skin? Do you have any skin problems such as congestion, blemishes or fine Lines?  Once you establish what you need to treat it will help you when choosing your products. I’ve broken it down into easy steps to help you achieve healthy skin.

At night-time,  I like to remove the bulk of make up with a micellar cleansing water. This saves you using a huge amount of cleanser to get stubborn make up off.

Next it’s time to cleanse, just removing make up is not enough! Double cleanse the face and neck using circular motions and rinse with warm water. Then apply a soothing toner to close the pores.

A moisturiser is very important to apply before bed. Our skin repairs and replenishes itself while we sleep and nourishing our skin is essential so it can do so.

Our morning routine is much simpler than our night time one so that helps when it comes to busy Mornings!  Cleanse and tone the skin to remove impurities and apply moisturiser containing SPF. Even on dull days our skin needs protection.

Once a week try adding an exfoliation and mask to your routine. Exfoliating will break up and remove any dead skin cells. Applying a mask straight after will allow the product to go deeper into the pores and give our skin a little extra TLC!

Written by Aisling Smith, Nail Technician at Whelehans Pharmacy Mullingar. Call in to Whelehans or call Aisling at 04493 34591 or 083 4665360 for appointment or check

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