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Acne Part 2

Posted by Trish Wallace on

Oily Skin and Mild acne.

This is a continuation from last week’s article. Oils and sebum help keep our skin healthy, but too much can lead to blemishes and acne flare ups. “Clear Complexion” products are available over the counter, but be careful of using anything with a lot of Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid as they are harsh on our sensitive skin and often make the problem worse! French brand La Roche Posay® has an amazing range especially formulated for various levels of acne, from oily skin right down to those taking medication for acne!


Dermatologists all agree that the most effective way to manage oily skin is to cleanse face, neck, chest and back (if needed) both in the morning and at night. A basic cleanser isn’t sufficient for oily skin, but that is where La Roche Posay’s Effaclar® Purifying Foaming Gel comes in. It is completely soap free, with a PH level of 5.5 (exactly the same as our own skin), and gently purifies the skin by eliminating impurities and excess sebum to leave skin clear and refreshed. It contains a combo of La Roche Posay’s Thermal Spring Water, renowned for its incredible healing properties, along with Zinc PCA which tightens up the pores, and with Zinc’s antimicrobial properties, also keeps bacteria out of our pores. After cleansing your skin, it is important to moisturise. Many think that a moisturiser makes oiliness worse, but this is wrong!! If we don’t use a moisturiser after cleansing, our skin thinks that it is deprived of moisture and kick-starts the sebum production all over again!  


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To be continued next week...I will discuss managing moderate to severe acne.


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Written by Trish Wallace, Beauty Consultant at Whelehans Pharmacy Mullingar. For skincare and makeup tips and advice including free consultations, call in to Whelehans or call us at 04493 34591 or check

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