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Psoriasis affects about 2% of the population affecting men and women of all ages from babies to adulthood. It tends to come and go spontaneously; it is not infectious and doesn’t leave behind any scars once it has faded. Skin is a complex organ made up of several different layers. The epidermis contains cells which are formed in the deepest layer of the skin and gradually change as they reach the epidermis surface before dying and shedding off. In a normal skin type, this process takes 3-4 weeks, however with psoriasis, the turnover rate of these cells is dramatically increased to 3-4 days and instead of shedding, the cells build up on the skin forming a plaque. There is no obvious cause; it tends to run in families. Certain factors high alcohol intake, stress, smoking and certain medications can exacerbate it.


La Roche Posay® range

La Roche Posay® have a great range to soothe, moisturise and reduce the occurrence of the flare ups. I recommend a gentle shower gel such as La Roche Posay’s® Lipikar Syndet which has no perfumes, parabens or fragrances and protects the skin from hard water and extreme dryness. Follow up with a really good body moisturiser such as La Roche Posay’s® Lipikar Baume AP+ which will keep your skin soft and moisturised. It also has an added ingredient which minimises itching. Another option is La Roche Posay’s® Iso-Urea which encourages desquamation (shedding) of dead skin cells which minimises plaque build ups on the skin.  


Free Psoriasis skincare consultation at Psoriasis Clinic

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Written by Trish Wallace, Beauty Consultant at Whelehans Pharmacy Mullingar. For skincare and makeup tips and advice including free consultations, call in to Whelehans or call us at 04493 34591 or check

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