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Skin care “The Ten Commandments” 

Posted by Lorraine Murphy on

The do’s and don’ts of skincare

1. “Thou shalt not go to bed wearing make-up.”

Because the skin will become dehydrated and the pores blocked; eye make-up can also irritate the eyes during sleep by particles getting into the eyes. Not removing make-up at night means the skin has not been moisturised and nourished with night cream.  It also ruins your pillowcase

2.  “Thou shalt not use face wipes daily.”

Because they do not clean the skin effectively and can cause dryness and irritation. Never use around the eyes as continual use can cause wrinkles as some wipes contain quite harsh ingredients.

 3. “Thou shalt always moisturise daily (containing a sun factor.)”

All skin needs to replenish moisture daily.  By not applying moisturiser daily, the skin becomes very dehydrated, dull, dry, and lifeless and shows signs of ageing very quickly.  Products containing a sun protection factor are vital to stop UV damage to the skin.

4. “Thou shalt not use a mascara over 3 months old.”

Every time you use your mascara and take the wand out of the tube it comes in contact with the air and possible pollutants. These can build up over time in the mascara tube and cause eye irritation and infection.  Also never use a mascara belonging to someone else as cross infection can occur.

  1.  5. “Thou shalt not use any old cleanser to remove eye make-up.”
  2. Because the skin around the eye area is so delicate, regular facial cleansers can be too harsh, rich or astringent which can cause puffiness.  Always use a specially formulated cleanser for this eye area

6.  “Thou shalt not use a body exfoliator on the face”

  1. The exfoliating beads in a body product are designed for the skin on the body only.  These beads are not suitable for the facial area as they would be too large and rough for the more delicate skin on the face and could cause severe redness and irritation. This is not to even mention the environmental damage these beads do to our oceans etc.

  2. 7.  “Thou shalt not squeeze spots”

    Squeezing spots can ruin your skin. It can cause permanent damage, scarring and discolouration. It can also push the sebum deeper into the skin follicle and cause infection.

  3. 8. “Thou shalt not mix powder and cream products”

    Cream and powder just don’t mix. If you try and put a powder blusher over a cream foundation it will not be a good look! It will cake and look smudgy.  The same applies to putting a cream product over a powder.

  4. 9. “Thou shalt not use any type of tissue to remove make-up.”

    It is very important to remove make-up with the appropriate product.  It is pointless using a really good cleanser and then using toilet tissue or extra-strong tissue to remove it with.  Using harsh tissue destroys the texture of the skin. Only ever use facial tissue, good quality cotton wool or pad, or a cellulose sponge.

  5. 10. “Thou shalt not use soap as a cleanser.”

  6. The PH level in soap is too high for facial skin and upsets the natural PH balance in the skin.  This causes excessive dryness, flaking and patchy skin. Always use a cleanser suitable.

Written by Lorraine Murphy, Beauty Consultant at Whelehans Pharmacy Mullingar. For skincare and makeup tips and advice including free consultations, call in to Whelehans or call us at 04493 34591 or check

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