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New Year Skin Resolution

Posted by Lorraine Murphy on

Is it that time of year again? Another New Year and we are all lined up with New Year resolutions. So why not make one of those promise to your skin!

After all the late nights, eating and drinking too much, our skin has taken the brunt of our excesses.

By committing to a daily and regular skin care regime, you are taking years off the appearance of your skin in the future.

Every day start by cleansing, toning and moisturising both your skin and the important eye area. A good cleanser that suits your skin type is vital. If it is not correct it could cause more problems; if it is too astringent, it could cause even more dryness in dry skin. On the other side if you have oily skin and your moisturiser is too rich, this will cause problems like blocked pores and excess oil on the skin and blackheads. Get into a good habit by using an exfoliating wash and mask once a week.

If you really want to keep the signs of ageing at bay, use an eye cream day and night. The tissue around the eye area is particularly fragile and must be treated with extra care. This area is the first area to show signs of ageing and the sooner you start using an eye cream, the better the results.

At Whelehans Pharmacy we have a wide range of products available. Why not call in and  talk to one of our expert skin consultants about your individual needs?

 Written by Lorraine Murphy, Beauty Consultant at Whelehans Pharmacy Mullingar. For skincare and makeup tips and advice including free consultations, call in to Whelehans or call us at 04493 34591 or check

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