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Eye Skincare

Posted by Ann McNelis on

The first visible signs of aging occur around the delicate eye area. This is because the skin is very thin in this area making it easier for free radical damage from the sun’s UV rays, pollution and the environment to penetrate the skin.

Unfortunately fine lines around the corner of the eye can never be fully prevented; however you can prevent these lines from developing into deep wrinkles if you have a good skincare routine. It is very important that you use an eye cream which contains a Sun Protection Factor (SPF); this will help protect the delicate area from the visible effects of environmental damage including fine lines, dryness, crow’s feet and loss of firmness.

It is not suitable to use the same moisturiser for the eye area as you do on your face; this is because face moisturisers can be too rich for the skin around the eye and can cause milia (small white heads) which can be difficult to remove.

Puffy eyes and dark circles

Dark circles under and around the eyes can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Fatigue and lack of sleep - A lack of sleep can cause paleness of the skin which allows the blood flow underneath the skin to appear more visible and darker.
  • Exposure to the sun - this can cause a higher than normal level of skin pigmentation (melanin) under the eyes.
  • Heredity - If you have dark circles, then there is a good chance that others in the family have them also. Like Varicose Veins, dark circles are usually an inherited trait!
  • Puffy eyes can sometimes be caused by fluid collecting around the eye area (from allergies or sinus problems). Try adding an extra pillow under your head at bedtime, this will prevent a fluid build-up!

Written by Ann McNelis, Beauty Consultant at Whelehans Pharmacy Mullingar. For skincare and makeup tips and advice including free consultations, call in to Whelehans or call us at 04493 34591 or check

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