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Acne Part 1

Posted by Trish Wallace on

Intro and Causes.

Many experience repeated episodes, or flare-ups of acne for several years before finding that their symptoms gradually start to improve as they get older. With the right skincare routine, it is possible to keep flare ups and breakouts at bay. Treatment can take between 2 to 3 months to get the full benefits.

Whiteheads and blackheads

Whiteheads are tiny clogged pores just below the surface of the skin which are not inflamed and no obvious white head on them. Blackheads are similar to whiteheads except they are open to the air which oxidises with the sebum and keratin in skin and gives them the brown/black colour. Papules are little red bumps more common on the T-zone (ie) forehead, nose and chin. Sometimes the healthy bacteria on our skin can find their way into these little papules, it can fill with pus and develop a defined white or yellow head on the surface called a pustule.


More pronounced lumps

Cysts and nodules are large painful lumps underneath the skin which can take weeks to heal. The only difference between the two is that nodules are hard and don’t have an obvious white/yellow head where cysts are fluid filled with a defined white or yellow head. I can’t stress enough how important it not to touch these as they WILL leave you with a scar and possibly spread to surrounding pores!!!


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To be continued next week...I will discuss acne treatment




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