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Benefits of waxing

Posted by Aisling Smith on


Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal that removes the hairs from the root. Depending where the client is in their growth cycle, body Waxing can last up to 4-6 weeks and facial Waxing 2-3 weeks.


When waxing is carried out regularly, the hair will become softer and sparser. I find Waxing much more beneficial than other hair removal methods for a number of reasons. It has much less maintenance as the areas only need treatment every 4-6 weeks whereas shaving for example, needs to be carried out much more regularly.
Shaving is one of the main reasons people suffer with ingrown hairs because it does not remove the hair from the root; it is easy for it to get trapped under the skin.
With other hair removal methods, the hair tends to grow back darker and a lot coarser but when waxed, the hair grows back much more fine.

Two types of Waxing suitable for hair removal are hot wax and strip wax. Strip wax or 'soft wax' is applied thinly over the skin and is removed using a paper or cloth strip. This type of wax is used on areas such as the legs. Hot wax or 'hard wax' is thicker than strip wax. It is applied liberally to the area and when it cools can be peeled away. This type of wax is used on sensitive areas such as the face.

If getting a Waxing treatment, I recommend exfoliating the areas to be treated at least 24 hours prior to appointment. This will remove dead skin cells and allow wax to work better and make the treatment more comfortable for you.

Pain free waxing

Whelehans offer a pain free waxing product called Waxperts®. Our clients love how easy and painless it is. We are now getting clients who never waxed because of their previous fear of the “pain” of waxing . Every Wednesday we offer 10% off all waxing treatments. 


Written by Aisling Smith, Nail Technician & Beautician at Whelehans Pharmacy Mullingar. Call in to Whelehans or call Aisling at 04493 34591 or 083 4665360 for appointment or check


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