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School Lunches: the Good and the bad

Posted by Aisling Murray on

Making up school lunches for your kids be challenging things…..trying to get your kids to eat healthy foods, making sure they are not hungry and ensuring they have the right foods to keep their concentration level up throughout their school day.

Why is what you put in the lunchbox so important?

  • Childhood obesity is on the rise! Irish children as young as 7 are wearing adult sized uniforms to school and it has come to light that 1 in 5 children are now obese. Obesity related diseases like type 2 diabetes are on the rise.
  • Children need to know the difference between healthy food and unhealthy food. What is a “treat food” and what foods are vital for health. By avoiding unhealthy foods in lunch boxes we are sending the message that foods like fruit, vegetables, brown bread and yoghurts are better for you than chocolate bars and crisps.
  • Deficiencies are avoided by including a range of different foods in your child’s lunch box, from fish, to vegetables, whole grain, fruit and dairy.


What should go in a healthy lunch box?

A kid’s lunch box should be low in fat, salt, and high in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. All meals prepared for children should help maintain normal growth and development whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. They should be fibre rich (to avoid constipation), full of fruit and vegetables, contain a dairy option and have lean protein.


To be continued….see more detailed examples of healthy lunchbox options next week.



Lunchbox Workshop

I am delighted to be involved in a fun yet informative upcoming event called a “Healthy lunchbox Workshop”. Whelehans Pharmacy has teamed up with Miller and Cook to host a “Healthy Lunchbox Workshop”. The event is aimed at mums and/or dads and their kids to come along and learn about how to prepare a healthy lunchbox in a fun and relaxed environment. The event is being held in Miller and Cook Mullingar on Thursday August 20th from 10am to 11:30pm. I will be giving lunch box tips along with Pharmacist Eamonn Brady and Chef Keith from Miller and Cook. Come along to get tips and tricks from the experts to help:

  • Combat fussy / picky eating Nutrition information to help you make better choices
  • Walk away with two weeks of healthy, nutritious lunchbox menu choices
  • Lots of healthy food for your kids to try……

This event is FREE OF CHARGE, however with numbers limited; book early to avoid disappointment, should be loads of fun!! Call Whelehans at 04493 34591 to book your free place.

Whelehans Nutrition Service

Whelehans nutritional service is a private one to one advice service with our nutritionist Aisling Murray. Aisling’s areas of interest include weight loss management, nutrition education and food intolerance. Our nutrition service offers you the chance to change your life in a positive way by focusing on your overall wellbeing as well as the chance to follow up on your progress. Plans start from only €10 per week.


Aisling Murray has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and offers a one to one specialist nutrition service at Whelehans Pharmacy. Call Whelehans at 04493 34591 for an appointment




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