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Part 2 of 3 reviewing Non - medical CBD - How new regulation will help you know what you're buying.

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Non – medical CBD Cannabidiol

A cannabis derivative

Part 2


Enhanced regulation for CBD products 

The position of CBD products available for sale in Ireland has now changed. The FSAI, in line with EC regulation has put in place a range of measures, enforceable through Environmental Health inspection, designed to ensure the integrity of CBD products both in terms of any claims made and the accurate description of contents through approved labelling. This oversight will benefit the consumer by ensuring at least a minimum standard for every CBD based product for sale in the Irish market. CBD products now have a classification within the EU / Ireland as a “novel food”.

Reasons legislation was needed

This shift was also prompted by growing evidence that there were many shortcomings within the CBD marketplace. This had previously been highlighted by surveys carried out in 2019 on a wide selection of CBD products available for sale in the UK.

One particularly notable and very public survey carried out by the BBC’s “Trust me, I’m a Doctor” programme sampled and tested 12 CBD products obtained from various high street retailers.  The tests, carried out at an accredited independent laboratory, focused on measuring the amount of CBD contained in each product against the amount described on the packaging. Tests were also made to assess the content of THC present.

The result made for interesting reading – with 25% of products containing less than 50% CBD than that stated on the label, in fact one popular Irish brand showed virtually no CBD present against a stated amount of 500mg. More worryingly, two of the products contained significantly higher amounts of THC (illegal form of cannabis that give a “high”) than the prescribed EU standard for CBD of 1mcg / kg of bodyweight based on a daily adult dosage of 70mcg. It became apparent that due to a lack of regulation, product claims varied considerably, and the public was simply not getting what they believed they were buying.


Ask your pharmacist

If you have any questions about CBD and their benefits or any risks when taking  other medication, ask our pharmacist at Whelehans Pearse St or Clonmore. Whelehans stock CBD oil from reputable sources; ask our pharmacist for more details. 


To be continued…next week

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