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Struggling with many different meds each day? How to make adherence to managing multiple daily medicines much simpler

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How to maximise the benefits of your medicines – Medication Adherence

(Part 3)

Monitored dosage systems (MDS) – “Blister Packs”
Monitored dosage systems (MDS) – “Blister Packs” can be created in your local pharmacy. There are multiple types and different options for patients, depending on individual concerns. A blister pack device is designed to simplify patients’ medication usage and commonly comes in the form of a box or blister pack divided into the days of the week and times of day. Tray-style blister packs are suitable for home use. There are other pouch/bubble-type systems (Bio-Dose) available which are for people with more active lifestyles, as individual timeslots containing medications can be taken out of the tray.

Determining if you can benefit from your medicines in a “blister pack”

  • Are you taking a complex medication system?
  • Are you confused about medication instructions?
  • Do you regularly forget to take your mediation?
  • Do you regularly return medicines to the pharmacy that you didn’t use?
  • Do you visit the pharmacy irregularly to collect your medication?
  • Has your loved ones/ carer/ nurse/ doctor/ pharmacist noticed that you may need assistance to help you take your medicines as prescribed?
  • Do you have eyesight problems or memory issues that make it more difficult for you to take your medicines as prescribed?

If you fulfil some of the criteria outlined above, contact us and we will organise your medicines into easy pack split per day of the week and per time of day.

Your pharmacist can help simplify your complex medication regime

Blister Packs” provide patients and their families support in managing their healthcare requirements especially as they age, and their needs become more complex. Elderly patients living alone can retain independent living with supervision as required, confident that their medication needs are been looked after correctly.

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