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In this final part of our "Fighting Fatigue naturally" series we look at how well planned exercise can help

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Fatigue- Fighting it naturally (Part 3)




Exercise will help shake off any cobwebs and making us feel more energised. Exercise has been proven to improve mood by stimulating “good mood” hormones in the brain such as serotonin. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when planning to exercise more.


Mistake 1 - Unrealistic Goals
People tend to be very impatient when it comes to exercise and losing weight. Unless the goal is to lose only a pound or two, it may take a while to achieve the ideal healthy weight and goals should reflect this fact. Having a weekly target will help keep focus.


Mistake 2- Not doing something we enjoy

Do things we enjoy to exercise. Do not feel the need to do exercises that are not enjoyable. Pick something that you find fun e.g., swimming, rollerblading, skipping, cycling. Many people find team sports or group activities such as spin classes, five-a-side soccer, or tag rugby more enjoyable and a great way to meet new people.

Mistake 3 - Failing to plan

As Roy Keane said, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. If the exercise regime is not planned, people are less likely to keep it up. Plan set days of the week to exercise and try to stick with these. The plan should take account of current fitness and a fitness level one would like to achieve. Even if a person has very little time to exercise due to juggling work and family etc, even 10 minutes twice a day can make a difference.

Mistake 4 - No Exercise Variety
Varying exercise will avoid boredom and will allow a person to lose weight quicker and get fitter quicker. Varying exercise allows more muscles to be used and meaning more overall strength. For example, if a person normally only runs to exercise, why not break it up with a swim, a cycle, or a Pilates class


Mistake 5 – Doing it all alone
Find an exercise partner. People who exercise with a partner or group are more likely to stick with a regular routine. Involve family members and friends. People are less likely to skip a workout if they know somebody else is counting on them.


Mistake 6 - Training at the same intensity
This mistake typically takes one of two forms; training with too low an intensity all the time, or training with too high an intensity all the time.

Mistake 7 - Not resting enough
Rest has a vital role to play in life and in exercise and getting the mix of activity and rest right is vital in both.


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