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Part 1 of 3 offering information and advice on the use of Non-medical CBD Cannabidiol

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Non – medical CBD Cannabidiol

A cannabis derivative

Part 1


I discussed Medicinal Cannabis in April in this column and how it is now being allowed by the HSE for certain medical conditions under strict criteria. If you missed this article, check or ask instore for a copy. This time I discuss non-medical cannabis.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is the largest of 113 compounds derived from the cannabis plant. CBD has no psycho-active properties as it does not contain the high inducing THC. The absence of THC means that, whilst it is a cannabis derivative – it does not fall under the scope of the Misuse of Drugs act when it comes to control and regulation.


Globally, non-medical CBD (no THC) is classified as a food supplement meaning that in Ireland its regulation comes under the remit of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), in conjunction with the HSE Environmental Health department for inspection and enforcement. The last 10 years has seen phenomenal growth and proliferation of CBD based products available for sale in the high street and online.

What is it about CBD that has made it so popular?

Millions of people worldwide regularly consume CBD as there is a perception that it is an effective treatment for chronic pain, arthritis relief, stress and anxiety reduction, cancer relief (even claims it cures cancer!), insomnia amongst many others. This misinformation that it is very effective medically is part of a healthy living or general wellbeing narrative promoted by those with a vested interest in making and selling these products. People are perhaps guided by the name of many of the products that suggest healing or a stronger relationship to cannabis (the illegal form) which is not present at all.

CBD is mainly available in liquid form either as oral drops as CBD oil or e-liquids that could be vaped. On the surface then, the continued global growth of this healthy wellbeing product should not be a concern. However, as the profile and use of CBD has increased, the level of concern regarding the validity of claims made both regarding the benefits of using the product and, the integrity of the quality and content of what people actually get. There is no doubt many reputable manufacturers and suppliers of CBD, the large profits to be made has attracted players into the CBD space interested only in what they can make with no thought or care as to the product and the wellbeing of the end user. Regulators and legislators have been struggling to keep up. There was absolutely no regulation or standard regarding CBD, meaning the less legitimate suppliers can effectively “get away with it”.

Regulation of CBD products by regulators is not an easy task. There is limited clinical trials, and evidence-based reporting as to the effectiveness of CBD products

Ask your pharmacist

If you have any questions about CBD and their benefits or any risks when taking other medication, ask our pharmacist at Whelehans Pearse St or Clonmore. Whelehans stock CBD oil from reputable sources; ask our pharmacist for more details. 


To be continued…next week

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