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School Shoes Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by Eamonn Brady on

With school around the corner most of us are already planning school uniforms, books and most importantly school shoes.  Many clients at The Foot Clinic Mullingar ask what to look for when buying school shoes for their little ones; it can be daunting at times but we’re here to help.  Here are my top tips for buying the perfect fit shoes that will have your little ones hopping, skipping and jumping into the school yard come September.

Are you buying the right size shoe?

It's not unusual that children get passed down school shoes and a lot of the time they grow so fast that it seems like an awful waste not to just pass them to the next in line.  But sometimes if they are not the right fit they can cause issues in the feet such as growth deformities in older years, arch problems and more.  We always recommend that you have your little ones feet sized each time you are buying new shoes. Most, if not all shoe shops have a complimentary children shoe measuring service. Take advantage of that service and make sure your children are sized correctly.


Have they got the right fit?

Shoes should enhance and embrace children's ability to walk, this is especially important as they are growing and forming the muscles in the feet and shoes too tight or wide can cause problems as they get older.  If you're unsure you should always seek advice from your podiatrist.

Socks and tights

We always recommend naturally coloured cotton socks or tights, as these allow the feet to breath in the shoes.  Allowing the feet to breath can reduce sweating and prevent bacterial growth between the toes such as athlete's foot and the development of fungal nail infection.

The finer details

Lacing up shoes can be challenging for children first thing in the morning and after school. Velcro shoes are not only a good option for a timely exit out to school in the morning but also allow the children to have a little bit of independence and self-sufficiency.

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