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Ahead of our upcoming Uriage Skin / Acne event instore 27th July, second in our series of articles on Acne, focusing on treatment

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Acne Part 2

Eamonn Brady is a pharmacist and the owner of Whelehans Pharmacies, Pearse St and Clonmore Mullingar. If you have any health questions e-mail them to


Last week I discussed the cause and symptoms of acne. There are over the counter products in pharmacies that help with acne. In Whelehans we find that people get impressive results from the Uriage Skincare range. There are many products in the Uriage range that help with acne, dry skin and rosacea. In this article I discuss three from the range that help acne but call in store and our staff will advise you on the product that suits you. In next week’s article I will discuss other products that can help.


Uriage cleansers

There are three types of Uriage Cleansers which can help prevent and ease acne, including a Gel, a cream and a water version. Eliminates impurities and excess sebum. High Rinse-ability. Skin appears clear, fresh and healthy. Ultra-gentle, soap free with a rinse off cleansing action. Specially formulated for combination to oily skin. Ideal for Face and Body.


Uriage Hyseac Mat and Hyseac K

Uriage Hyseac Mat has a delicately perfumed Half -Gel Half Cream texture. Contains a powerful and long-lasting sebum -regulating agent. It has a triple action including reducing shine, tightening pores and moisturising skin.


Uriage Hyseac K refines skin texture, limits blackheads and purifies. It can be applied directly to each spot or all over if required.


Uriage Skin Paste

This “magic” paste acts straight away from the first night by accelerating the spot maturation process, causing spots to disappear quickly. With its formula that combines the action of purifying schist oil with naturally absorbent green clay and zinc.


Do You struggle with your Skin?
Whelehans Pearse St are hosting Uriage® Skin Event this week (Friday July 27th) from 9am which will be of benefit to those living with acne.  On the Day our Uriage® Skin Specialist Kayleigh will be doing complimentary mini facials using the Uriage® products suited to oily and acne prone Skin. Buy Two Uriage® Products and receive a free gift on the day. Get free notes on how to manage your acne on the day. Call in to book you appointment or phone Whelehans on 044-933-4591.


To be continued…. next week I discuss treatment of more severe acne


Products mentioned here are available in Whelehans.

Thank you to Kayleigh Ready, skincare consultant at Whelehans Pharmacy and the HSE and NHS for their input into this article

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