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24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

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High Blood Pressure is a silent killer



Did you know that every hour, a man, woman or child dies from heart disease and stroke in Ireland? High blood pressure is a major reason for these premature deaths.


If you have been diagnosed or suspected of having high blood pressure, it is important you get it monitored with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor. Whelehans Pharmacy in Mullingar can now fit you with a 24 hour blood pressure which you can now wear while undertaking normal daily activities. You can book the service by calling 04493 34591.



Why get a 24 hour blood pressure check?



A 24 hour blood pressure monitor provides a more accurate measure of blood pressure than a single measurement. It shows how your blood pressure changes throughout the day and more importantly at night. It helps your doctor and pharmacist ensure your blood pressure is under control. If you are already taking blood pressure medication, our 24 blood pressure monitor will show if you are getting the full benefit of the blood pressure medication you must take.



Blood pressure-the silent killer



According to latest statistics, high blood pressure causes 54% of stroke and 47% of heart disease worldwide. High blood pressure is often called the silent killer with many people not realising they have it until it is too late, for example after they have suffered a stroke or heart attack.



How do I measure my blood pressure accurately?



Research indicates that the most accurate form of blood pressure measurement is to get it measured over a 24 hour period. Because high blood pressure rarely has any symptoms, the only way to tell you have this condition is to get your blood pressure measured accurately. Health experts in the UK now advise not to commence on blood pressure medication until you get a 24 hour blood pressure check.



A 24 hour blood pressure monitor could save your life


Contact Whelehans Pharmacy today to arrange getting your 24 hour blood pressure checked, it could save your life. Whelehans 24 hour Blood Pressure service costs €60. We simply fit the monitor in the morning, you wear it for 24 hours and when you come back the next morning we will have your results.


Whelehans Pharmacy, 38 Pearse St, Mullingar (opposite the Greville Arms Hotel). Tel 04493 34591. Web.


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