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Know Pain and gain!

Posted by Kevin Coneely on

Have you ever had to explain what pain is to someone before?  My guess is probably not. After all everyone feels it so it must be understood by all? Imagine though for one second being faced with an alien from outer space with no concept or feeling of pain. What would you say to them in describing what pain is and where it comes from. Where would you start? Thankfully this situation is not likely to happen but it does raise a valid point in how we communicate about pain. In a way, if we can explain what it is and why we have it, surely we can find out how to get rid of it.

Pain is defined by the International Association for the study of pain as “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage”.  This can be a very confusing definition on a very simple sensation but if we examine and break it down it describes and covers all pains.  Everyone knows that pain from a paper cut is from the tissue at the end of your finger, i.e. acute pain, but then how is it that people can have pain in a limb that doesn’t even exist, i.e. phantom limb pain? For many people driving past the scene of a traumatic car accident can bring back pain that they had gotten rid of and for other people just the thought of an unpleasant experience can cause pain to be vivid and real. One thing for certain when describing pain is that it is always unpleasant and although tissue damage is the usual cause, pain can and does appear when there is only a threat of tissue damage and even in cases when there is no tissue damage at all.

Operated by fully qualified chartered physiotherapist Kevin Conneely, HealthStep offers a personal touch in physiotherapy. From disabling back pain to persistent muscle and joint injuries, Healthstep physiotherapy offers an extensive range of physio services covering every type of need.

HealthStep Physiotherapy’s prime location above Whelehans Pharmacy means access to a high-quality physio service in a private setting right in the centre of Mullingar.

Kevin offers reduced physiotherapy rates for under-18s, students with valid student ID and for Over 65’s. He also offers reduced rates for affiliated sports clubs and other groups. Contact Kevin on 087 4626 093 for bookings




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