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Fact or Fiction when it comes to lower back pain?

Posted by Kevin Coneely on

 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives indicating back pain is very common and normal. What is not normal however is being unable to recover from back pain. Acute back pain is mostly results from strains and sprains and as a result prognosis is very encouraging with many people recovering fully within the first three months. Why a small majority of back pain sufferers fail to recover within this period is more complex and is currently one of the most researched topics in science. New evidence is constantly being uncovered so it is important to access health professionals with an evidence based background to get up to date and relevant treatment.

In recent years, we have also built up an understanding on how best to use diagnostic imaging when it comes to back pain. Previously scans were the first port of call; however recent research shows that scans often display structures and changes to the spine that are poorly related to pain. After all, pain is individualised and subjective and must be interpreted with other information such as the person’s signs and symptoms and medical history.  Scans routinely display bulging discs, degeneration and arthritic changes and these changes can be present in individuals with no back pain at all.

Other common misconceptions regarding the spine relate to “something being out of place”. Again research has shown us that back pain is not caused by a bone, joint or pelvis being out of place or misaligned. Many people have undergone manipulation and felt considerably better; however this can be attributed to short term changes in muscle tone, pain and fear. Evidence shows that improvements are not due to re-aligning spinal structures. This is where your chartered physiotherapist can help and advise.

HealthStep Physiotherapy

Chartered physiotherapist Kevin Conneely of HealthStep offers a personal touch in physiotherapy. From disabling back pain to persistent muscle and joint injuries, Healthstep offers an extensive range of physio services covering every type of need. HealthStep’s prime location above Whelehans Pharmacy means access to a high-quality physio service in a private setting right in the centre of Mullingar. Kevin offers reduced physiotherapy rates for under-18s, students with valid student ID and for Over 65’s. He also offers reduced rates for affiliated sports clubs and other groups.

                                             “Providing the stepping stones to better health”

Providing Relief from Neck and Shoulder pain; Sports Injuries; Foot Pain and Planter Fasciitis; Repetitive Strain Injuries; Knee pain and stiffness

 Available at Whelehans Pharmacy. Call us today on (087) 4626093 for more information or to make an appointment

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