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Why we need Pain but not all the time

Posted by Eamonn Brady on

We all suffer at one point or another in time, an episode of pain and discomfort. Some aches and pains last seconds while others last days and weeks. Pain in essence is a part of our life and, believe it or not is very important process in keeping us safe and healthy. If we just think about this for a moment, what if there was no pain? That would unfortunately mean that every time you stubbed your toe it could result in a broken bone or major infection from a minor bleed. After all how would you feel it if you couldn’t feel pain?


There is actually one recorded incident of someone that did not feel pain. This woman unfortunately died very young at the age of 29 due to the fact that she could not sense when she had injured herself. So pain in its simplest form is a protective mechanism designed to keep us safe.


Too much pain


This is all well and good but there is also a flip side to this with many people suffering from chronic pain or pain that comes and goes but is constant throughout their life. This is unfortunately a scenario that is all too common in Ireland with many people struggling to get free of the shackles that pain can enslave them to.


So what is the best thing to do when you’re in pain? Seeking help from Health and medical professionals is always the first and most important step. Be careful however as it is also very important that the health professionals that you approach have the correct skills for helping you and that they have a plan or pathway to other professionals if it is beyond their level of expertise. Just like it takes a carpenter, plumber, electrician and architect to build a house the same could be said with looking after your aches and pains. It might take one person such as your GP to help you or in a lot of cases other health professionals such as pharmacist, physio or surgeon. So just to summarise, pain is an important sensation in our bodies but if it is worrying or concerning you, seek out a medical or health professional that you trust and that can guide you on the path back to health.  


Health Step Physiotherapy
In line with our vision to offer as wide a range of quality health services to the local community as possible, Whelehans Pharmacy are delighted to announce their new Physiotherapy service, Health Step Physiotherapy, operated by fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist, Kevin Conneely MISCP. Kevin offers reduced physiotherapy rates for under-18s, students with valid student ID and for Over 65’s. He also offers reduced rates for affiliated sports clubs and other groups. Health Step Physiotherapy is now available to book. Simply contact Kevin on 087 4626 093 to advice or call Whelehans at 04493 34591 to book an appointment. Check for more info.


Thanks to Kevin Conneely, Chartered Physiotherapist from Health Step Physiotherapy based at Whelehans Pharmacy for info for this article.

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