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Does Bad Posture Exist?

Posted by Kevin Coneely on

I think we’ve all heard it at some time in our life, “sit up straight”, “keep your shoulders back”, “stop slouching”. Even saying the word “posture” can cause a physical reaction of straightening our back and make us conscious of what body position we are in.

Where did this come from and why do some of us have a fixation on posture causing harm?  We all seem to recognise and know what bad posture looks like but what does good posture look like?

How does sitting or standing in one position offset the damage on our bodies compared to another position? The human body is a marvellous and adaptable thing.

The reality is that we are built to move. Our spines are engineered to both slouch and extend, twist and turn. Unfortunately, we have lost sight of this, due to several reasons but in particular our mentality of “protecting and minding our back”.

When do we ever turn around to one of our colleagues when they are lifting or bending and say, “mind your elbow”? Yet we could be just as likely to injure it while lifting.

We unfortunately as a society have been tricked into over protecting and guarding a structure that is very robust and stable. We have been lulled into thinking that to protect our spine and body we need to sit or stand in the right way otherwise we will pay the price.

We have lost sight of the variety of movement we are capable of and we continue to place fixed postural demands on our bodies. Work postures and work practices are changing with many companies and businesses taking a more common-sense approach.

Standing desks are now becoming more common and some companies use flexible work times which allow employees to be more active. We should not lose sight of the fact however that we are made to move.

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