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Looking forward to our "True Body Fat" Discovery day this Thursday.... this article outlines the benefits of knowing your true body fat inside and out

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“I’m not Overweight, I just need to be 7 ft 6in tall”

Whelehans FREE “True Body Fat” Discovery Day Thurs 7th February

Get checked - Learn your true body fat inside and out.

It’s that time of year…… it’s all about a New Year, New You…. losing weight, getting fit, healthy this year.

For many, the first step will be a weight check and with this usually comes a BMI check. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measure of body fat based on your height and weight. These are then plotted on a “standard” chart to give a number…which then gives a relative position…i.e., healthy, obese etc. For most people however, the outcome of BMI can be confusing…. Classically this statement following a BMI check is not uncommon…… “I’m not Overweight, I just need to be 7ft 6 inches tall”. Whilst this is funny, it does highlight the limitations a BMI check offers…..why? because everyone is different.

You are a unique individual, so it is hugely important that the information you get regarding YOUR body fat is specifically for you and relates to how healthy you are on the inside as well as the outside. Knowing this will then help you build an exercise and nutrition regime that is tailored exactly to your body, massively increasing its effectiveness in helping you achieve your health, fitness and weight outcomes in 2019.

FREE “True Body Fat” Check - How it can help

Our qualified nutritionist Caroline Masters will conduct your free True Body Fat check using the latest Body Composition Analyser equipment. This equipment will give you a complete analysis of the percentage of muscle and fat in your body. Once completed, Caroline will give you an immediate detailed result, which then, along with your BMI, will help you learn if you are at risk of heart disease, diabetes and perhaps ill-health in the future. This insightful knowledge will assist Caroline in helping you make any health, fitness and nutrition choices you make thereafter the right ones for YOUR body. All for FREE

Body Composition Analyser will give you the following information: -

  • Weight and Body mass index
  • Body fat percentage
  • Body muscle percentage
  • Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – number of calories required by your body to maintain your present weight – this can enable us to ascertain energy and food requirements for weight loss.
  • Metabolic Age which is number of calories you require to maintain your present weight for your age
  • Visceral fat reading – this should read between 1 – 9 and measures the fat stored around your vital organs and needs to be reduced for good health if the reading is higher than it should be.

When you know that being overweight can cause you a host of problems, then with the right information it is much easier to address any issues and not leave your health to chance.  

Many people maintain a healthy weight and yet internally the picture may not be so good. Short term fixes of unhealthy food may lead to problems for your health in the long term. Caroline says “making healthier food choices each day and limiting sugar, alcohol and saturated fat intake can change the composition of your body over time.”  It is this consistent improvement in better food choices and daily exercise that will make the difference. 

How do I book?

Find out your “true body fat” and just how healthy you are on the inside at Whelehans Nutrition Clinic in store at Whelehans Pharmacy, 38 Pearse St, Mullingar on Thursday 7th February.  Book by calling Whelehans on 04493 34591, email or PM us on Facebook.


Book your FREE TRUE BODY FAT check, this will be an extremely popular event and with limited places available, book early!

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