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Can you receive Flu Vaccine and COVID Vaccine at the same time?

Posted by Eamonn Brady on

Can you get Flu Vaccine and Covid Vaccine at the same time?


Yes, you can receive the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time. The HSE and health experts recommend getting both vaccines to protect yourself and others from these contagious respiratory illnesses.


The flu and COVID-19 are caused by different viruses, so the vaccines for each target those specific viruses. There is no evidence to suggest that receiving both vaccines simultaneously would reduce their effectiveness or cause significant side effects. Co-administering vaccines is common in healthcare to ensure people are up to date on multiple immunisations and convenient for patients as they are not going for two appointments.


Getting both vaccines can be especially important especially as we come into flu season and when COVID-19 is still a concern. Flu and Covid booster vaccines can help reduce the risk of severe illness, hospitalistion, and death from both diseases. It can also help prevent the health service including hospital from becoming overwhelmed.


Whelehans pharmacy Pearse st offer both vaccines and you can ask our pharmacy team for advice before receiving any vaccines, as individual circumstances and medical history can influence their recommendations. We can provide personalized advice and address any specific concerns you may have about receiving multiple vaccines simultaneously. Getting vaccinated against both the flu and COVID-19 is a proactive step in safeguarding your health, especially if you are in a vulnerable health group.


Is there a combination (all in one) flu and Covid-19 vaccine available yet?

There is ongoing research and development to create combination vaccines that could protect against both influenza (flu) and COVID-19. These combination vaccines were being explored to streamline vaccination efforts and increase protection against both respiratory illnesses. However, currently there is no combination vaccine available. However as mentioned above, it is safe to get both the Cvovid-19 vaccine and flu vaccine at the same time. Your healthcare provider will administer one into each arm.


Covid-19 booster and flu vaccine clinics at Whelehans

Whelehans Pearse St also offer a weekly walk in Covid-19 booster clinic (Autumn Booster campaign starts this week). You can get your Flu vaccine and Covid Booster on the same day at Whelehans Pharmacy. Whelehans Pharmacy Clonmore will be offering the Flu vaccine too and you can book conveniently on the Whelehans website.  


Check for more vaccine information. For comprehensive and free health advice and information call in to Whelehans Pharmacies, log on to or dial 04493 34591 (Pearse St) or 04493 10266 (Clonmore).


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