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In todays Examiner, our nutritionist Caroline and pharmacist Eamonn discuss how a full body analysis can help with more than just weight management. Always better to have the complete picture.- inside and out.

Posted by Caroline Masters on

A body analysis check tells you much more than just your weight

It is hard to know where to start when we decide to get healthier.  We have great intentions (usually every Monday) to exercise more and make healthier food choices. 

Why not start with a nutritional consultation in Whelehans which includes a body analysis to see what is going on inside. Your body muscle and body fat percentage are calculated and taken into consideration along with your age and gender and you get a metabolic age reading.  This can be confirmation that you are doing well for your age or an indication that a bit more work could be done. It could be the incentive that you need.

What your Body Analysis Assessment tells you?

When you book in for your nutritional consultation with Nutritional Therapist Caroline at Whelehans, your initial assessment takes about 10 minutes and the following is calculated:

Weight and BMI – your body mass index is a height for weight ratio and indicates your risk for disease.  Your visceral reading is calculated, and you get an indication of the fat stored around your vital organs. You also get an energy requirement for your body, so you will know your exact calorie intake needed for weight loss or weight maintenance. Your body fat percentage and body muscle percentage are calculated along with your body water percentage and metabolic age.  Your results are fully explained for each reading and given to you in writing.

If there are areas which need improvement you can get advice on foods that will benefit your body and help change its composition. You will learn about guidelines for healthy eating, calorie intake, fuel for your body and your digestive system. You can then address any issues that arise and come back for a further assessment to see if you have made positive changes.

You are a unique individual, so it is hugely important that the information you get regarding your body is specifically for you.  Knowing this will then help you build an exercise and nutrition regime that is tailored exactly to your needs which increases its effectiveness in helping you achieve your health, fitness and weight goals.  

€10 Body Analysis Day Special this week

For this week only, you can find out your body fat, body muscle, visceral fat reading, BMR, BMI and metabolic age with detailed feedback from our qualified Nutritionist Caroline Masters, all for only €10; It only takes 15-minutes for your assessment. Make your appointment for Wednesday 27th or Saturday 2nd by calling/texting Caroline on 086 3994615

Whelehans Pharmacy Nutrition Clinic, Pearse Street

The following consultations are available in Whelehans Nutrition clinic from March 2019:

  • Half hour nutritional consultation including body analysis = €25
  • Hour nutritional consultation including body analysis = €50

(Addressing any issues, you may have - weight loss/weight gain/nutrition for conditions)

  • Half hour follow-up consultation for weight loss/2nd assessment= €20

If you would like advice on healthy eating, weight loss or advice to help ease symptoms you may be suffering from contact Caroline at Whelehans Nutrition Clinic on 086 3994615 or email to make an appointment.  Clinic is now opened Saturdays.

This week’s article was done by Caroline Masters (Nutritional Therapist) and Eamonn Brady (Pharmacist)

For comprehensive and free health advice and information call in to Whelehans Pharmacies, log on to or dial 04493 34591 (Pearse St) or 04493 10266 (Clonmore).

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