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Male Fertility- a herbal approach

Posted by Eamonn Brady on

Male Fertility- a herbal approach

For some many couples getting pregnant is simply not as easy as it is for others. For many couples, there are no medical reasons why they should not conceive naturally but it still feels as though something is in the way. They spend hours crawling through the internet with conflicting evidence before contacting me.

A fact that’s little understood is that 25 % of infertility is calculated to be directly due to the male partner but can be helped by using Chinese medicine. It is important to note that a population study looking at men’s fertility found that those men that succeeded in fathering a child had a motility rate of more than 63%.

Sperm is evaluated into the following categories; aspermia (absence of ejaculate), asthenospermia (poor motility and forward movement), azoospermia (absence of sperm in semen), oligospermia (lowered sperm density), teratospermia (containing bizarre and immature forms of sperm).

Our male herbal prescriptions and treatment improves sperm quality in motility (sperm moving vigorously) and morphology (sperm deformities). Normal sperm count values are currently given as; greater than 20 million sperm per ml, greater than 50% of motility and greater than 14 % morphology.

The role of the male partner also needs be considered and any of his deficiencies or imbalances may also need to be addressed. This can also be done with acupuncture and or herbs. The main aim is to have both partners as healthy as possible to produce healthy sperm and eggs, before conception.

Herbal Fertility Doctor in Whelehan’s Pharmacy

At Herbal Fertility Doctor in Whelehans’s pharmacy we treat all types of fertility in both men and women using thousands of years of knowledge of herbal and Chinese medicine. Many of my clients come for all types of health-related issues from pain to stress. We also offer personal coaching on family and business solutions.

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Disclaimer:  This advice is not meant as a substitute for full medical check-up and advice from your GP or healthcare professional

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