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In today's Examiner.......Self Isolation and Restricted movement still applies - a fresh look at what's involved

Posted by Eamonn Brady on

What does Self-Isolating and Restricted movement involve?


Self-isolating is like cocooning except it is a protective method for others around you as opposed to a self-protection method.

Self-isolating is defined as staying at home and away from everyone around you. It is essential to self-isolate if you have tested positive for covid-19, while you wait for your results, if you have symptoms and before you get tested. Symptoms can be mild for many but you can still spread it to others who might not be so fortunate. If you have symptoms people around you will need to have restricted movement.

If self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms and these symptoms worsen (e.g. difficulty breathing) or just feeling extremely unwell, phone your GP or ring emergency services if symptoms are worse (e.g. extreme difficulty breathing). If you cannot self-isolate in your own home, you may need to be admitted to a HSE self -isolation facility.

How do I self- isolate?

  • Stay away from others in your home
  • Stay in your room with a window open
  • Keep checking your symptoms, please ring your doctor if your symptoms get worse
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue, wash your hands after
  • Use your own towel
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Clean your room everyday with disinfectant
  • Don’t share your things with other house members for example, food, drink glasses, dishes, cups and bedding
  • Don’t leave your house


If you are sharing a house with others and are self-isolating, using a bathroom that no one else uses is ideal. If this is not possible, use the bathroom last and clean it after you, using household cleaners or a disinfectant.

When should I stop Self-Isolating?

Only stop when it has been 14 days since you first experienced symptoms and you have not had a high temperature (38 degrees+) in 5 days or more.


Restricted Movement

Restricted movement applies to people who live with someone with symptoms of coronavirus and they feel good themselves or have been in close contact with a confirmed person. You will need to stay away from people for two weeks.

Restricting your movements includes not using public transport, not going to work, shops and pharmacies. Order supplies online or have friends or family deliver them. Going outside to exercise is still fine on your own. Only go for a brief walk. If you start getting any of the main symptoms within this two-week period of restricted movement, you must start Self Isolating.

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Written by Siobhan Clarke (Pharmacy Technician) and Eamonn Brady (Pharmacist). Whelehans Pharmacies, 38 Pearse St and Clonmore, Mullingar. Tel 04493 34591 (Pearse St) or 04493 10266 (Clonmore).

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