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In the concluding part of Foot Care in the older person, Eamonn offers tips to help prevent foot problems from occurring

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Foot Care in the Older Person (Part 2)

This is a continuation of last week’s article on tips on how foot problems can be prevented through proper daily care on the older person.


Make sure your shoes fit

Protect your feet by wearing shoes whenever you go outdoors. Shoe size may change as you age so always have feet measured before buying shoes. The best time to measure feet is at the end of the day when feet are largest. Most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other; fit your shoe to your larger foot. Don't buy shoes by the size without trying them on first. The size marked inside the shoe may not fit you. Walk in the shoes to make sure they feel right before buying them. Choose a shoe that is shaped like your foot. Styles like high heels or pointed toes can hurt feet. Stand up when trying on shoes to make sure there is about ½ inch between your toe and the end of the shoe. Make sure the ball of your foot fits comfortably into the widest part of the shoe. Don't buy shoes that feel too tight in the hope that they will stretch. The heel of the shoe should not slide up and down on your heel when you walk. The upper part of the shoes should be made of a soft, bendable material to match the shape of your foot. Soles should give solid footing and not slip. Thick soles cushion your feet when walking on hard surfaces. Low-heeled shoes are more comfortable, safer, and less damaging than high heels. Poorly fitting shoes is the most common cause of many common foot problems including bunions, corns, calluses, neuroma, hammertoe and spurs.


Be more active

Walking, dancing, swimming and cycling are good and easy on the feet.  Avoid hard-on-the-feet activities like running and jumping.  Do a short warm-up and cool-down before and after exercise.


Regular moisturising is important

Keeping feet clean and moisturised daily is important. In Whelehans, we recommend Whelehans Moisturising Cream as it contains urea which is an excellent deep moisturising ingredient. Whelehans Foot Cream has been developed by our pharmacist to help ease and soothe the problem of dry, hard and cracked skin on the feet and heels. It is based on a naturally occurring moisturiser called urea. Urea is a natural moisturiser found in our skin that can give relief from hard and cracked heels, itchy feet (excluding Athletes foot), dry flaking skin, peeling skin on feet, burning sensation on the feet and tired feet.



A chiropodist assesses diagnoses and treats diseases and abnormalities of the feet and lower limbs. A chiropodist can significantly improve a person’s quality of life by alleviating painful symptoms and promoting and maintaining mobility. Whelehan’s pharmacy has chiropodist James Pedley in store in our private treatment room every Tuesday and Thursday.  You can make an appointment in store or by phoning us at 04493 34591. We take all safety precautions to keep you safe from COVID 19.


Thanks to Chiropodist at Whelehans Pharmacy, Pearse St, Mullingar, James Pedley for his help with this article. Call 04493 34591 to book a chiropody appointment.



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