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Exercise! HELP is at hand - 6 week programme

Posted by Eamonn Brady on

The World Health Organisation recommends that every adult accumulates a minimum of 30 minutes’ exercise every day. Sadly, less than a third of us meet this recommendation.


The strain on our health service that this inactivity is causing is tremendous. Our ever-expanding waistlines have led to an alarming surge in diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression. Inactivity is a major public health issue.


The good news is that we can do something about it! In order to be considered "physical exercise"; the activity must place an extra demand on the cardiovascular system. Usually this means elevating the heart rate to about 60% of its maximum, averagely, in excess of 100 beats per minute. 


Lifestyle is a vital factor to consider. Your daily habits, what you eat and when you eat. Most experts agree that achieving a healthy body weight and body composition is roughly 80% what you eat/drink and 20% what you do i.e., exercise. However, the vast majority of those who successfully maintain a healthy body composition are those who engage in regular daily exercise. To summarise; diet will lose the weight, exercise will keep it off. HELP is at hand....


HELP is at hand

Maurice Looby Fitness have launched a new comprehensive weight loss programme in association with Whelehans Pharmacy/Nutrition Clinic called HELP – HEATHY EATING & LIFESTYLE PROGRAMME and it starts 9th January 2017 and is outstanding value at €210.


This excellent 6-week package offers a full one to one initial consultation with nutritionist including a body analysis and an achievable plan specific to you followed by weekly one to one meetings.   You will get a training plan also specific to you and the level you are at and unlimited classes with Maurice Lobby fitness.  There are also additional benefits when you sign up i.e. fitness testing and food intolerance testing at reduced rates.


If you are interested in signing up for HELP with Maurice Lobby Fitness in association with Whelehans Pharmacy call 087 2308001 or apply online at today


New extended Whelehans nutrition service is a friendly, flexible and affordable service offering one to one consultations with follow up programmes and weekly monitoring.   Suitable for men, women and children. Call our Nutritionist Caroline Masters on 086-3994615 or email her at or call Whelehans Pharmacy, Pearse Street on 044 9334591.


Thanks to Maurice Looby for info for this article. Maurice Looby fitness have fitness and weight solutions for all ages and

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