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Are you self-diagnosing or leading yourself astray?

Posted by Kevin Coneely on

Our actions and the directions we take, when it comes to looking after our pains and aches can seem logical and well thought out. Prior experience and our understanding of how the body works and feels can be the map we use to fix our pain problem and if this does not work we seek help or further information from health professionals and sometimes Dr Google. Technology and how we get health information has advanced considerably in the last number of years and this has had both a good and bad impact on our health.

Getting to a state of good health can be like a road trip with many twists and turns along the way. Just like any road trip it is vital to get the right directions at the right time so that you can get nearer to your destination. The wrong information from unreliable sources can lead you down blind alleys or send you on a long winding road away from where you need to be.  Good information from a source you trust can be vital and can cut down the journey time to your health destination considerably. Sometimes we do get lost on our journey and when this happens it can be difficult to admit that we need help or guidance to get back on track. Too much of the wrong information can also be like a fog at times. Just like fog it can blind or hamper our vision and therefore we can get lost a lot easier. Other times even when we are on the right road we can doubt ourselves that the journey is taking too long or that we cannot see the destination coming up ahead. Valuable, accurate and good information at these times therefore cannot be underestimated. 

Operated by fully qualified chartered physiotherapist Kevin Conneely, HealthStep offers a personal touch in physiotherapy. From disabling back pain to persistent muscle and joint injuries, Healthstep physiotherapy offers an extensive range of physio services covering every type of need.

HealthStep Physiotherapy’s prime location above Whelehans Pharmacy means access to a high-quality physio service in a private setting right in the centre of Mullingar.

Kevin offers reduced physiotherapy rates for under-18s, students with valid student ID and for Over 65’s. He also offers reduced rates for affiliated sports clubs and other groups. Contact Kevin on 087 4626 093 for bookings




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