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Top neurologist among speakers for upcoming Migraine Talk

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Top neurologist among speakers for upcoming Migraine Talk

 Migraine is a real condition, just like asthma, diabetes or epilepsy. Although not life threatening, it has been found to have a greater impact of quality of life than conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Migraine is more than just a headache. It is a complex, attacking neurological condition. With attacks lasting anything from a couple of hours to perhaps three days, migraine can have a major debilitating effect on those living with it. Migraine affects 12-15% of people. 92% of Irish migraineurs report that attacks affect their performance at work, with 39% of those, being severely affected.  As a consequence, the unemployment rate for those with severe migraine is 2 – 4 times higher than the prevailing overall rate. Learning more about the condition and how to better manage it is one of the best steps anyone with migraine can take. With this in mind, Whelehans Pharmacy invited Ireland’s top expert on migraine, Neurologist Dr Martin Ruttledge to speak on migraine in Mullingar.

 Upcoming specialist talk

Whelehans Pharmacy in conjunction with Migraine Association of Ireland is hosting a Migraine Information evening on Tuesday June 23th at 7pm in the Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar. Admission is free. Speakers on the night will include Dr. Martin Ruttledge, Consultant Neurologist from the Beaumont Migraine Clinic. Dr Ruttledge is one of the top neurologists in Ireland, and the top when it comes to migraine and headache. Dr Ruttledge will discuss “Migraine: Diagnosis, Clinical History, Treatment and Medication Overuse”.  Other speakers on the night will be nutritionist Aisling Murray who will discuss how our diet influences migraine and Pharmacist Eamonn Brady will discuss medication and migraine.  Call the Whelehans Pharmacy at 04493 34591 for more information or to book your free place.

 Migraine Ireland Helpline is 1850 200 378 (ROI) or 0844 826 9323 or Email Expert information at


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