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Optibac®- For Daily Wellbeing

Optibac®- For Daily Wellbeing

  • €44.95

Optibac®- For Daily Wellbeing

A Daily Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics are good bacteria that help crowd out the harmful bacteria. This is important because more than 70% of your immune defences can be found in your digestive tract.Optibac® For daily wellbeing’ is an expert formula of 6 different probiotic species such as acidophilus, combined with prebiotics (food for the probiotics to flourish) to help maintain overall digestive health, immunity and energy levels on a daily basis.


The Extra Strength version contains 20 billion live probiotic microorganisms, guaranteed until expiry. It is the highest concentration probiotic on the market, at least 4 times higher than the closest equivalent. It would be difficult to find a more powerful immune system booster.

A 30 day supply of ‘Optibac® For daily wellbeing’ costs €14.55 and the Extra Strength version costs €26.70 from Whelehans


Optibac® for Daily Wellbeing is a food supplement, not a medicine. It is not an alternative to proper medical assessment or prescription medicine. It should not be considered as an alternative to a varied and balanced diet