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In todays Topic and in advance of our fantastic Skin Scanning event tomorrow 8th Aug, some great information on how a skin scan can help you find the ideal solution to keeping your face at the perfect moisture level

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Do you suffer from dry or tight skin on your face?

Get a free skin scanning consultation and discover the best solution


If you suffer from tightness of your skin on your face, you are not alone. It affects both men and women. A lot of people find they get tightness especially around the forehead area. Moisturisation is key to relieve this tightness. Any type of moisturisation is important to keep your skin from drying out; however, some people find it harder to get relief from that “tight” feeling so I will name a couple of products that our pharmacists and skincare team in Whelehans find gives great results.

Why people get that “tight feeling” in the face

Many people find their skin feels tight after washing and cleansing. Washing the face can dry out the skin which can cause the feeling of tightness. 

Soap is what is known is scientific terms as an” anionic surfactant” which means it has a high pH.  The high pH causes the outermost layer of the skin, known as the stratum corneum to swell, which in turn causes unwanted deeper penetration of the soap into the skin which can lead to irritation and itching.   After washing, water evaporates from the skin and this leads to skin dryness and tightness because soap binds to proteins on the stratum corneum reducing the ability of the skin proteins to hold water.  This leads to reduced skin hydration and elasticity after washing with soap and some harsher facial cleansers.

Whelehans have many solutions to prevent or treat dry skin, but for today’s article I will discuss the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Range which is one of the most ranges for dry skin.

The 8 Hour Range

The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Range has been looking after generations of women’s skin and as a classic it will continue to do so for further generations.  Elizabeth Arden is reputed to have used the original 8 Hour Protectant on her thoroughbred race horses’ legs with remarkable results. The 8 Hour Range has won numerous beauty awards over the years and deservingly so.


The most sought-after product is the Original 8 Hour Protectant. This little miracle has been used by millions and is as popular today as ever.  It can be used for so many things it is invaluable. It is great in the winter for chapped lips and dried patches; this protectant is also brilliant for healing broken cuticles, rough hands and elbows, soothing sunburn and softens callouses and is excellent for shaping eyebrows.


The 8 Hour Intensive Daily Moisturiser is a lovely non-sticky light moisture cream the gives fantastic hydration and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. It also contains a SPF 15 to protect from sun damage.  To complement the day cream there is the 8 Hour Night time Miracle Moisturiser.  This is a lightly lavender scented gel-cream that soothes and hydrates the skin while you sleep.  There are a range of lip protection products to suit all needs. The 8 Hour stick comes in two different balms depending on how much hydration and protection you need.


The more recent product in the 8 Hour range is the All-Over Miracle Oil.  This oil is ultra-light and non-greasy.  It is an intense blend of oils including Tsubaki oil.  As the oil is so light it can be used on the face, body and even the hair. Try the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Range and see and feel the difference for yourself.


Book in to get your Skin Scanned

On Thursday August 8th, Whelehans welcome Elizabeth Arden Natural Skin Specialist, Sinead O’Connor who is offering free Skin Scanning Consultations. After a skin consultation with National Skin Care expert Sinead, Sinead will cleanse your skin with the appropriate cleanser for you. Your skin will be scanned with the Elizabeth Arden skin scanner, using Microsoft technology this will analyse your skin on five important levels: Moisture, Skin Texture, Radiance & Brightness, Pigmentation and Elasticity. Your personalised consultation will be able to identify any areas of concern and can recommend a regime that’s tailored to your skins needs.

To book your Free Skin Scanning Consultation at Whelehans Pearse St on Thursday August 8th, book in-store or call Whelehans on 04493 34591 or PM us on Facebook

20% of all the Elizabeth Arden Range

On Thursday August 8th, as well as well as free skin consultations, we are offering 20% off all the Elizabeth Arden on the day.


For health advice and information call in to Whelehans Pharmacy’s, log on to or dial 04493 34591 (Pearse St) or 04493 10266 (Clonmore).

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