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Has Chronic Pain put the brakes on your life?

Posted by Eamonn Brady on

Information is power – Chronic Pain Information evening 12th October 7pm


In general terms, most people associate pain with some direct cause. It could be from a sports injury, or toothache, perhaps an accident which has resulted in a broken limb. In cases like these, you have an attributable acute pain which you can then do something about and with the right treatment and convalescence, it’s back to normal.


For many though, pain is something which isn’t acute or for which there is a simple. Pain is a constant factor they manage in their daily lives. Their pain may be attributable to one or more different causes, however, it’s attritional nature can have a wholly debilitating effect not just their quality of life but also those around them. This is Chronic Pain.


Research shows that education and the right information can assist greatly in helping those with Chronic Pain understand their condition and empowering them to take control their situation in a more effective way.


With this in mind, an Information Event on Chronic Pain is being held in the Greville Arms this week (Thursday October 12th) at 7pm and speakers include:


  • John Lindsay, Chairperson of Chronic Pain Ireland.
  • Pharmacist Eamonn Brady (MPSI)
  • Someone living with long term pain describing their experience and outcomes.


The talk is in association with Arthritis Ireland (Westmeath Branch), Chronic Pain Ireland and Whelehans Pharmacy.  


This is free to attend and will be a popular event. Places are limited, so be sure to book early by contacting Whelehans Pharmacy 044 9334591

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